Why Choose Secured Logistics?

Secured Logistics is a third-party logistics provider specializing in full-service, customer-focused solutions. Our team brings over 20 years of experience together with long-term relationships with our industry partners, so that our customers receive the highest quality service. We value each customer and strive to be the only transportation partner you need throughout the life of your business.

How do we differ from other brokers?

  1. We value our relationship with our carriers! The hard work of our transportation partners is appreciated and reflected by our continual longstanding relationships. Our carriers get paid in 21 days or less.
  2. Less is more. Many brokers tout their HUGE carrier base of thousands of carriers. At first, this seems impressive but it is highly inefficient and results in poor relationships with carriers. Every time you do business with a new carrier you take a chance that they may not uphold your professional expectations. Statistically the failure rate will be higher with the more carriers you use. We work with a select group of reliable, reputable carriers and as a result deliver the solutions our customers expect and deserve.
  3. Partnership and cultivation. Following the “less is more” principle, we believe in trusted relationships that have been developed over time through proven service. We strive to be a business partner to our customers and help you meet your business goals.

The Secured Logistics difference is how day after day we continue to provide efficient, cost effective and quality service to our customers.

Safety, Due Diligence and Our Responsibility

We monitor all of our carriers through multiple independent safety bureaus for safety ratings, current insurance and proper liability and cargo limits. If a carrier fails in any one of these areas, service will be suspended until the issue is resolved.

Bonds and Your Protection

Bonds are legally required in this industry. They provide our customers and carriers (or any other business partner) the ability to file a claim against us for financial support if we fail to uphold our contractual obligations. Trust in our partnership with you is imperative and we’d prefer our customers have peace-of-mind. We have ZERO filings against our bond.

Service Made Simple

All the logistics services you need at your fingertips.

The Secured Logistics Difference

✓ Flexibility
✓ Expert Team Approach
✓ 20+ Years Experience
✓ Customized Services
✓ Industry Partnerships

Benjamin Fricke - President, Secured Logistics

Our business was built from solid partnerships.

Secured Logistics was built with a focus on partnerships. We strive to build trusting partnerships with our employees, our business partners, our vendors, and our customers. We believe this is the only way to continue to provide the efficient, cost effective and quality service our customers deserve.

Benjamin Fricke
President, Secured Logistics